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by gabrielelagona | October 20th, 2012

When people think about Italy, a few things automatically come to mind. Rome, fashion, food, shopping, art, sports cars and beautiful people. However, if you want to experience all of these things during your stay in this famous country, you are going to have to travel extensively. Rome for history, Turin for football, Milan for fashion – it all seems very spread out. However, you can actually experience all of these things in one town – Genoa, the undiscovered jewel that Italians have kept quiet for centuries.Genoa is an ancient town that lies between France and Tuscany, overlooking the Ligurian sea. It’s precarious and valuable position means that it has seen its fair share of battles over the centuries, but the town stands proudly to this day, resolute and beautiful in its own way. The modern city is like a postcard, and merges historic old buildings with modern day malls. A growing economy, based largely on the export of food, wine, fine oils and steel, means that the city has been able to grow without losing its historical importance. Many hours can be spent idly exploring the streets and discovering the ruins of battles, or simply taking in the beauty of the architecture.

If you want natural beauty you have come to the right place. Apart from the typical European Mediterranean climate, Genoa offers spectacular views of the famous Ligurian Sea, which is known for its astral, deep blue colouration.  The landscape is dotted with some fantastic beaches, sheer cliffs, and many small islands. Further east lies Tuscany, so travellers with an urge to explore that romantic part of Italy can easily do so.

If all of this seems a bit too mundane, Genoa has all the conveniences and charm of a modern European city. The shopping is world class, and because of its proximity to world fashion hubs like Milan, Paris and London, Genoans know about style. The nightlife is vibrant and diverse, and music, which has always played a part in the life of Genoa, rings out all night long. Dance and party with the beautiful people and who knows, you might even spot a star or two! A great way to think of Genoa is as a more rustic, clandestine Monaco. Not as wealthy, but pristine and untouched, waiting for you to dive into. So give it a try, and allow yourself to be immersed in art, food, beauty and class.

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