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by gabrielelagona | October 23rd, 2012

When you say Italy it is the epitome of high end fashion, luxury sports cars, pastas and good looking people. These things are all true of Italy but there’s more to that-aside from the famous city of Rome there are some interesting places to visit and one hidden jewel of Italy is the ancient city of Genoa.

Genoa dates back to ancient time, birthplace to famous historical figure Christopher Columbus and once inhabited by the Greeks this ancient city is now a jewel to behold. Genoa now is probably the most remarkable cities of Italy.  Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the biggest seaport in the whole of Italy and now considered the best destination in Europe when it comes to luxury travel. Being the biggest and most progressive city along the Mediterranean Coast, Italy’s Genoa has so much to offer its travelers. Genoa is an eclectic mix of old and new- a union of historical value and modern day drama.

Exquisite Art and History of Genoa

This is such a treat for those who appreciate good art. Find time to visit that famous Galleria di Palazzo Bianco. It houses a wide collection of 12th to 17th century great arts of French, Flemish and Genoese paintings. The biggest collection of Asian arts in Europe is housed in the Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art. Another place to visit is the Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola this is the former Spinola family home which holds a good number of antique collections reflective of their affluent lifestyle during the 17th century. The home of Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) the world’s greatest explorer is just within the city’s center.

Genoa’s Monumental Sight to Behold

The widest and probably the grandest in Europe is the Genoa Historic Center. The oldest structure here is a collaboration of Baroque styled with Medieval influenced manifested in the narrow alley and a maze of squares now known as Via Garibaldi. The San Lorenzo Cathedral still has the remains of 17th century ancient walls which has a strong church following today in all of Genoa.

Two notable places and considered as symbols of Genoa are the Piazza de Ferrari which has an enchanting and colossal fountain and the old lighthouse the Lanterna. Another monumental square to see is the Piazza Della Vittoria designed by Italian architect Piacentini. Located along the Bisagno River a former boundary between the eastern suburbs and the 19th century city.

For a more memorable tour find some time to visit the epic Cinitero di Staglieno (Staglieno Cemetery) this is one of the biggest and notable cemeteries in Europe. The Staglieno Cemetery lets you experience the deeper art appreciation through death, strong emotions and history. Some famous and historical figures are buried here like the Father of Italian Democracy Giuseppe Mazzini and the wife of Oscar Wilde, Constance Lloyd.

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