Genoa & The Cinque Terre

by gabrielelagona | October 20th, 2012

The beauty of Italy is that it is a country dense of interesting things to do, places to visit, and people to meet. Take Tuscany, for example. It is a region full of splendid places rich of art, culture and folklore far beyond city boundaries. Actually you can find more hidden treasures in country towns between main centers such as Lucca and Florence than in both cities together.The same happens between regions. North of Tuscany you can find the Liguria. The two regions barely touch their tips, but it’s right in this portion of land that you can find one of the most celebrated spots of Italy.

I am talking about Cinque Terre, a series of five delicious towns along the coast of Liguria that the UNESCO declared World Heritage site and the Italian government a national park. You can get easily to these jewels of the Italian coast from Tuscany and combine the best of two worlds. The majority of tourists enjoy their holidays in villas Tuscany coast near Massa, Carrara or Lucca. From here Cinque Terre is just a short drive away, and you can even dedicate a full day to each town in order to discover them to their fullest.

The five towns are called Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola and Monterosso al Mare. Each one is not larger than a borough, dramatically perched on a cliff descending into the sea and backed by a steep inclination that for centuries has been the asper cultivation ground for vineyards and olive trees. Vementino, Bosco, and Albarola are the three grapes used to produce the two wines of Cinque Terre, the Sciacchetrà and the Cinque Terre, both renown and appreciated.

Formerly the economy of each one of these towns was based on fishing and some agricolture. These days tourism is the main resource. Thousands of visitors arrive here each year, especially during the summer season. However, the advice is to visit them during the fall season or at the end of the spring period. If you are a romantic one and would love to see the stormy sea from your cozy restaurant seat, you should be there during winter time. Nevertheless, the colorful houses crowding the rocks by the coast give the most scenic spectacle during sunny days. Should you trade a swim in the clear seawaters for less crowded days? I know, the choice is tough, but keep in mind that Cinque Terre are wonderful in any season!

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