Hidden Gem

by gabrielelagona | October 20th, 2012

Italy is a country known for its natural beauty, passionate lovers and rich history. The wonderful little country that is shaped like a boot is a massive tourist destination for people from all over the world, but a lot of people stick to the big names of Rome, Milan or Tuscany. Sure, you will have a magical experience in amongst the beautiful people, there is so much more to Italy than meets the eye. One example of these hidden gems in the Italian crown is the stunning region of Liguria, and in particular its capital, Genoa.A cultural hub

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Genoa is the importance of culture in this town.  Although it is a relatively small town, Genoa is world-renowned for its incredible architecture, art galleries, and vibrant music scene. The town has a rich and glorious history – as the nickname “The Superb One”  suggests, Genoa has a very interesting past, and artists throughout the ages have captured this. Visitors can expect to see art from the Middle Ages and Renaissance right through to work in more contemporary galleries. Knowledgeable locals add to this cultural experience by living a truly Italian life, celebrating art and music in the very way in which they move around the city. Laughter, stories, and beauty are a part of life here.

Geographically Blessed

One of the main reasons for Genoa’s unbelievable history and remarkable culture is its geographic location. Sandwiched between France and Tuscany, overlooking the deep blue Ligurian Sea, Genoa is ideally situated to absorb all of the sentiments of Europe, while offering views and beauty that are surpassed by no place on Earth. The centrality of the city also means that travellers can reach other points on grand European adventures – the Alps are a stone’s throw away – although you will be hard pressed to leave this charming little city willingly!


The amazing placement of Genoa also spills over into its local dishes, and the food and wine in the region have no equal.  The typical Mediterranean diet is in evidence, although there are a few unique twists. The inclusion of seafood is a prime example, as many dished embrace the rich fishing tradition in new and exciting ways. It has also been suggested that pesto originally comes from Genoa, so expect exciting combinations of seafood, pasta, pesto, and fine wine and oils. The city really is a food lover’s paradise.

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