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by gabrielelagona | October 20th, 2012

Your pets typically are more like family than animals. When you mix the desire to be with your animal with the cost of boarding during longer vacations, it’s not uncommon to see more families bringing their animals with them on vacation, especially dogs. In some cases they may even accompany a family on international vacations, such as to Genoa, Italy. Genoa is a large seaport city in Northern Italy, with a rich offering of arts, food, music and architecture. While many of the attractions and accommodations in Genoa do not allow pets, there are several offerings available which do. Always look for signs or postings stating that dogs are, or are not allowed, as regulations and allowances can change over time.

Pet Friendly Accommodations

One of the first concerns when booking a pet-friendly vacation to Genoa, Italy, is ensuring you have accommodations that allow pets. While the majority of hotels have a no pet policy, there are a wide range of accommodations that do allow pets, though there may be size restrictions. Sample options include Best Western Hotel Porto Antico, the Holiday Inn Genoa City, the Golden Tulip Moderno Verdi Hotel and the Columbus Sea Hotel. Call the hotel in advance and ask about their pet policy, including potential additional pet fees.


Beaches provide entertainment for both you and your animals. However, the majority of public beaches in the Genoa area do not allow pets. In fact, until recently, only certain private beaches specifically allowed animals on the beach. Luckily, near the Genoa suburb of Vesima, there is now an animal-friendly aptly named “Vesima Beach”. This beach offers not only plenty of space for you and your animals to run around, but also offers other pet friendly amenities, such as plastic bags, hoses and shovels for animal clean up, as well as water fountains to help keep your animal hydrated.


Just outside of Genoa you can access the Cinque Terre Trail System. You will need to take a train to get to the trail, but many trains in Italy allow animals like domesticated dogs. Check with the rail line before you buy your tickets to make sure your animal is allowed. Once you arrive you can follow the trail through five smaller villages including Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The trails between each city show of magnificent views, and provide exercise for both you and your pet. Each city provides ample opportunities for site seeing as well, and also provides local restaurants for lunch on the trail. The area around the trail was made into a national park in 1999, so you will need to pay a trail entry fee, or purchase a trail entry pass. If you are bringing your dog, be aware that there are many stray cats throughout the Cinque Terre Trail. These cats are loved and cared for by a wide variety of locals and tourists, which keeps them near the trail. Always have your dog on a leash in these public areas.

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