The Freedom of Travel

by gabrielelagona | October 24th, 2012

A large majority of European travel destinations are renown for the quality of their public transportation systems. However, there hundreds of stunning attractions all across the globe that are simply not accessible through these means. With the dawn of the Internet, travelers have access to information on interesting locations that are off of the beaten path. If you are reliant on public transportation, then many of these kinds of destinations will be beyond your reach. Genova is a perfect example of a destination that offers hundreds of nooks and seaside locales that are only accessible to travelers with complete autonomy.Making the trip to Genova can simply be the start of your travels. Once there, renting a car will allow you to scour the countryside to gain access to some of the most coveted views and restaurants. Having access to your own transportation in this European city offers numerous advantages. If you are reliant on public transportation, then you often relinquish control of your own schedule. Trips and meals will have to be scheduled around the times that public transportation is running. Many destinations will not have public transportation that runs long after sundown. Due to this fact, eating dinner and experiencing the nightlife of the local establishments becomes all but impossible.

During trips abroad, spending long hours in transit can actually begin to isolate you from the countryside that you traveled so far to see. Walking tours are a great way to break this monotony, and it allows you to connect with the location that you are visiting. By taking a car, visitors are able to access walking paths along gorgeous seaside paths. Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi is a beautiful stretch of Genova land that runs right alongside the ocean. It traces its way along historic architecture, and it passes by many renown local gardens.

Public transportation will often take the form of guided tours in popular destinations such as Genova. Public tours provide interesting details about local architecture and churches, but they rarely allow enough time to truly adsorb the details of your surroundings. By providing your own transportation, you are free to spend as much time as you desire at any given location. Cattedrale di San Lorenzo Campanile is an example of Genova architecture that reflects how the aesthetic beauty of the city has been intertwined with the religious history of its people. Visiting the city by car allows for travelers to put together tours of their very own. Genova has many exhilarating cathedrals to offer travelers. Moving by car allows you to put together an entire day filled with experiencing these glorious spaces.

Renting a car locally can also be a choice that will save money. For travelers that plan on keeping a very busy schedule, the cost of using public transportation can really add up. In larger cities such as Genova, a taxi will often end up being the most convenient form of transportation. However, multiple rides a day to destinations such as Castello d’Albertis and the Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello from a hotel can add up quickly. Renting a car simply requires one upfront payment that will include a tank of gas. Taking a holiday is all about having the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the world surrounding us. There is no need to restrict that freedom by relying on public transportation when traveling abroad.

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