Why College Students Should Visit Genoa

by gabrielelagona | October 25th, 2012

College is a time to travel the world and see places you never knew existed. College is designed to open your mind to new ways of thinking, and there is no better way to enhance your education than by visiting other cultures and learning about their people. Sitting down with someone from a totally different culture than you can help you understand the world around you just a little better. While there are plenty of popular destinations for students, Genoa is often overlooked by travelers of all ages.

Genoa is a historical city in northern Italy and the capital of the Region of Liguria. It is often overlooked by Italian travelers when compared to Rome or Venice, but the history is just as rich and it has a strong trade center. While some of the bigger and more popular Italian cities are designed as tourist traps, Genoa still holds on to what made it such a wonderful city in the first place.

Declared as the European Capital of Culture in 2004, Genoa has a lot going for it. The pastel-colored terracotta-roofed houses and artistic churches make the city seem more like a work of art than a place to live. As a port city, you’ll see beautiful seaside villas and luxurious boutiques. But to ensure that you are “learning”  on this education trip, you’ll wanted to explore it for its most famous individual; Christopher Columbus.

Those that visit and those that stay all attest to the magic of Genoa as a place of constant surprises. With such a long and rich history, the longer you can stay the better. You’ll find plenty of historical sites and treasures that will fill you with wonder and curiosity, but you’ll often want to travel around the “vicoli”, or the historical center hidden through the narrow streets.

When your day of exploring the city is over, you’ll find plenty of places to explore by night as well. The city is full of seaside bars and shops that come alive in the twilight and let you stroll along a beautiful marina as you stop at a café for a quick drink. You’ll also notice that much of the old port has gone through some renovations with a new and often funky avant-garde modern architecture.

You won’t get bored travelling through the city; each area is unique and colorful. The people will welcome you with open arms. They love their home and they are always happy to spend a little time with the increasingly rare traveler that stops by. If you want to visit the tourist traps of Italy, dodge Genoa and head to Venice or Rome. You’ll find all the typical things you would expect there, specifically designed for the tourist. If you are looking to take in the history, beauty and wonder of Italy and its people, you are more likely going to find that by visiting Genoa. As a weekend trip or a month long stay, you’ll find something new to explore each day.

Trenton Waters is an avid traveler who finds he gets bored easily if he stays in one place for too long. He is working on earning an online college degree so he doesn’t have to stop seeing the world while he gets his education

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